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In a Bengal couple's public flogging, accused TMC leader JCB's fear lingers even after his arrest

The mother of the man who was brutally flogged by JCB is so scared that she doesn't want any punishment for the accused.

The Telegraph Online Published 06.07.24, 06:21 PM

What's behind JCB's highhandedness

A video of a brutal assault on a couple in West Bengal's Chopra recently went viral, sparking widespread outrage, even prompting a response from the prime minister in the Parliament. In the video, a man was seen mercilessly beating up a woman with a bamboo stick, pulling her by the hair and kicking her, as she grimaced in pain. The man was also seen flogging another youth as a large number of people just watched...

The accused, Tajemul Islam alias JCB, a local TMC leader from the Uttar Dinajpur district was arrested hours after the video surfaced. On the decision of a kangaroo court, Tajemul, along with his associates flogged the couple with bamboo sticks in full public view and nobody dared to file a police complaint against him. The mother of the man who was flogged is so scared that she doesn't want any punishment for the accused. West Bengal police later took suo motu cognisance in the matter and arrested Tajemul. But, he is a repeat offender and his fear lingers even after has been put behind bars...

Video Producer: Shohini Bose
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